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  • Just wanted to say thanks for the new Flea Repellent, its great that I don't need to worry about...
    Phil Ison
    Jan 21 2014, 2:57 (PM)
  • Our dog loves your product keeps him fit and healthy and growing well. Really well priced and the...
    Sean Thompson
    Nov 01 2013, 6:51 (PM)
  • Hello Acres,, just wanted to say that I think you really do have a winning product here at great...
    Robert Osmond
    Oct 11 2013, 6:22 (PM)
  • my 2 dogs love this product have tried them on different ones from the vets and they turn their...
    Oct 02 2013, 6:56 (PM)
  • Our 2 short-haired miniature dachshunds have been on Acres for 6 months now. Sam & Ollie love it...
    Sue Begg
    Sep 23 2013, 8:14 (AM)
  • We have been buying Acres complete dog food for Jackson and Angel, our two English Staffordshire...
    Suzanne Brown
    Sep 15 2013, 8:45 (PM)
  • My dogs have both been on this now for 2months and have never looked better., plus they absolutel...
    Aug 23 2013, 6:08 (PM)
  • As a rescue group we have a lot of dogs to feed on very limited resources, so finding top quality...
    Dogs Aren't Disposable
    Aug 23 2013, 2:09 (PM)
  • Such a cool company and a fantastic product! Ever thought about going into the cat food market! L...
    Lynne O'Keeffe
    Aug 06 2013, 3:46 (PM)
  • We have a 5.5 year old Border Collie who has been on the Acres product now for approximately 18...
    Sharon Fenton
    Jul 22 2013, 6:58 (PM)
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