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Perry Larsen, Auckland

Have switched to the Grain Free Salmon and Trout for a spoodle with skin allergies - dog loves the food and seems to be less itchy on this food. Recently had a small issue with a bag couriered to our home that arrived split and taped up - I didn't notice and signed for the bag - when discovered I messaged Acres - and within a few minutes had been contacted and the problem resolved - fantastic customer service!!!!!

Naylene Smith, Whangarei

To the Acres Pet Food Team, I just HAD to write you about your dog food! We recently acquired our 2 year-old Foxy Cross dog, Tiny (photo attached). When we first got her, we bought a popular EXPENSIVE brand of dog biscuits. And then a couple of weeks later, we remembered our friends had recommended your dog food, so we ordered a bag. When we got your delivery, we combined your dog food with the original food we bought to introduce Tiny to the new taste. WELL......we noticed that she would take a mouthful of the biscuits and drop them on the floor and she would SEPARATE the two types and eat YOUR food FIRST, and when she had eaten all of the Acres food, then she would eat the other! I thought you might like to have this feedback to add to your files. I reckon Tiny's taste preference is the best advertisement you could ever get! Keep up the good work and I'll be placing another order in a few weeks! Cheers, Naylene Smith...PS...feel free to use this in your advertising!

Patrice Thompson, Auckland

I have 2 jack Russell/fox terrier cross dogs and have been feeding them Acres Pet food for going on 3 months. they both love this food and I have noticed improvements in their coats and overall well being. I would highly recommend this food as a quality product at a reasonable price.

Vanessa Pirtle, South Island

I contacted Acres to see if they do a specific type of diet to cover my dog as he has allergies. After a lengthy chat about the different diets available I was sent the Grain Free Salmon and Trout formula. Unfortunately when it arrived I noticed that there was a product that he is not allowed on the ingredient list. As it was the weekend I sent an email and promptly on Monday morning I received a call apologising for the mix up and advising of a refund and credit to my account in case there was something else that I would like to get for my dog. I was also asked to send a list of the items that my dog is not allowed to eat so that Acres could talk to their nutritionist to see if there was a diet that could be made specifically to help with his requirements. There is a lot to be sorted in regard to nutritional balance and quality control so I really don't expect to see a product in the near future but it was great to have a pet food company take such interest in working with an owner to try to find an alternative. I've been told that if they can come up with something that they will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks Acres for addressing the error in such a quick and professional manner. It's rare to get such good customer service nowadays so I was surprised. Such a shame that the food is not suitable for my boy. Great customer service Acres. Truly appreciated.

Yvette S, Katikati

Two mths ago I stumbled across Acres while searching for a quality, yet affordable, product devoid of the nasties. The testimonials sounded good so worth trying on 4 dogs with diff needs. All more interested in it compared to previous brands - they definitely all prefer flavour of grain free but eat both and sometimes I mix them together to make it more cost effective. Fussy one is less so -while never food enthused, unless raw meat, she does eat it instead of starving herself. Reflux one hasn't been sick since. Non fussy ones like it more than previous products tried. Worked well in settling stomach of a new puppy who had constant loose stools when on breeders diet of a well known vet sold 'twice-the-price' product. Grain free biscuits are also a good size for training too! So that's the evidence I needed to reorder! Trialled the cat biscuits, they prefer this flavour to another grain free dearer brand they were using so all our menagerie (and extended canine family) have voted YES to Acres!! Thanks for living up to my expectations not only in product but the customer service has been friendly, informative and trustworthy by owner whose genuine passion for the product was great! Really appreciated the FREE samples which meant I could make an informed choice when ordering the product that had passed the taste test approval of our menagerie. Having a product delivered FREE to a rural address was an even bigger deciding factor for me, I'm loyal to a company if they deliver a product that has a quality service and stands up to its word. In return I see the loyalty rewarded by free delivery and accruing of points that already have given me a decent discount! I waited 2mths to post this feedback because I wanted it to be a decent time period to test all the products out. Congrats Acres and keep up the quality product, service and passion for doing the best for our pets.

Viv Bidwell, Clive, Hawke's Bay

I took a gamble on the strength of your testimonials, and ordered 2 x 15kg bags of food for my 4 year old, 43kg choc lab/chesapeake bay retriever. The gamble paid off - he only gets one cup of dry food in the mornings, and a K9 raw sausage with a small brisket bone at night. Changing that one cup of dry food to your brand had noticeably softened and improved his coat within 2 weeks. He also loves it :) Brilliant product - thanks very much!

Sarah Booysen, Blenheim

We've been using Acres for nearly 3 years and our Labrador-cross always gets complimented on her shiny coat. She loves the Acres food and she's healthy and happy. Our daughter recently got a puppy and she can't wait to introduce him to Acres because she's seen how good it's been for our dog. I always order a big bag online and it takes about 3-4 days to get down to us.

Melissa bull, Tauranga

Ive been buying the 20kg of the chicken cat biscuits for the lat few years & my cats love it . My 3 cats look are very healthy & have soft fur because of this food . A 20kg lasts over a year . Thank you also for the great customer service i get .

Nicky, Coromandel New Zealand

my 2 dogs love this product have tried them on different ones from the vets and they turn their noses up at it but love Acres awesome product and great to deal with

Andrew, Pukekawa

We have been feeding our dogs, Sam, Milo & Pepper, on Acres dog food for several months now and find it to be economical and of excelent quality. The dogs love the food and we have also noticed that their coat conditions have improved. Love the product and love the service.

Ruth, Auckland

Thanks guys. Got the dog food. Meg (the dog) likes it so all good. Ruth

Angela Williams, Martinborough

We heard the story about how Acres began, loved it and decided that if somene loved their dogs that much that it was worth a try. Loretta, our 3yr old border collie x lab is, because of us, very spoilt at mealtimes and always gets a bit of something with her crunchies like steak, chicken or egg. We have been integrating her new Acres food with her usual crunchies to get her adjusted to her new diet. As a rule she will always pick out the good bits then move on to her crunchies. The first time I added her new food into the equation, she bypassed the steak, took her time and carefully picked out every single new crunchie in the bowl! I took that as a very good review from Loretta!

Johanna Pruimers, Katikati

My dogs love your food they can't wait till I give it to them.

Nancy Pengelly, Plimmerton

Your dog food arrived yesterday and we love it! Thank you so much for the quick response. My human heard you on the radio a while ago-Danny Watson's talk show-and she has been wanting to try your product. Seeing it on Treat Me inspired her to order some, so we're glad you did that. Thanks again, Cali and Buck

Josephine Hardy, Auckland

Very happy with the Acres dog food. We ran out recently and resorted to a supermarket brand, but thank goodness that is almost used up because our dog has become the queen of farts! Can't wait to get back to Acres top quality stuff so we can take the clothes pegs off our noses. Many many thanks!

Emma Woods, Tauranga

My dog Angel enjoys Acres dog food. When I first got the food I put it in her treat ball along with her other food and when she rolled the ball to get treats out she would only eat the Acres food and left the rest of the food scattered all over the floor!