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  • To the Acres Pet Food Team, I just HAD to write you about your dog food! We recently acquired...
    Naylene Smith
    May 23 2016, 8:42 (AM)
  • Our Pointer cross loves her food - any food... but we had a lot of trouble with her skin having...
    sarah mills
    May 09 2016, 9:09 (PM)
  • After purchasing hundreds of dollars of the more expensive dry food from the vet specialty brand...
    Steve Isbill
    Feb 17 2016, 10:35 (PM)
  • Rowdy and Moose looooove your food. Ever since I switched to Acres, they seem to have a lot more...
    Gordon Niemann
    Nov 30 2015, 10:07 (PM)
  • I recently won 12 Months supply of Acres Dog & Cat Food (through the promotion at our local GAS...
    Sandy Morrison
    Nov 08 2015, 4:11 (AM)
  • We own a kennel and Cattery and have been using Acres dog food and absolutely love it. The dogs...
    Helen Louise Cook
    Sep 01 2015, 10:33 (PM)
  • Very happy with the Acres dog food. We ran out recently and resorted to a supermarket brand, but...
    Josephine Hardy
    May 19 2015, 3:19 (AM)
  • We highly recommend Acres biscuits! We were lucky enough to win a competition for a year's supply...
    Selena Ahomiro
    May 10 2015, 11:03 (PM)
  • My dog Rascal tore his cruciate ligament on 2nd Jan 15. The quote for surgery was bet $800 and...
    Mary McFarlane
    Feb 08 2015, 11:04 (PM)
  • We use and also sell Acres Complete dog food and we think it is an amazing product. Our dogs love...
    Helen Louise Cook
    Dec 03 2014, 10:06 (PM)
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