COVID-19 Update

UPDATE 31-03-20

MPI have come back to us with a list of Essential Services however they haven't given us advice to where we sit in this list. We believe we fit the requirements of an Essential Service.

MBIE have passed our contact on to the Essential Services team and we have had no response since. We have followed up with them again today and await their response.

We also contacted NEMA who forwarded our email onto the COVID-19 team and have had no response back to date from them either. We have followed up with NEMA again today and are waiting to hear back from them as well.

Although difficult for us we are not wanting to be one of those businesses haranguing our services at this difficult time. We want to give them time to react as we are sure they are being overwhelmed with requests.

On another note the couriers are still not running. It has been suggested we meet different couriers in other locations for pick up. Unfortunately this has a many fold effect. Not least of which is endangering further lives as strict COVID-19 processes can't be followed easily. Secondly the cost increase for new courier services is substantial, more so during these times. We are trying to find a way through this with different courier services. At this stage though it looks like increases in service costs will be prohibitive. We are aiming for a further breakdown by region if possible to see if we can at least supply some areas. This again will take time.

We will update further when we have more information.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Save Lives.

All the best to you and yours!

The Acres Family @
Acres Pet Products



Thank you to all of you who have shown us support over the last few weeks especially over this last week and few days.

It has been an extraordinary time and will be over the coming months.

We are waiting on MBIE and MPI to clear us as an Essential Business. Until then we are closed as we are required to be.

Another issue that has arisen is that the couriers are no longer operating until we are out of Alert Level 4.

We are seeking advice from MBIE and MPI to see, if we are deemed Essential, if they will assist in facilitating distribution.

If this is not possible, we have also offered our business and products to the government MBIE, MPI and NEMA in full in order to assist the effort to combat COVID-19.

Our hope is that if we are unable to distribute then the government will take it up and distribute to our nations pets to keep them supplied during this time.

If they do take this on then we likely will have no business at the end of this. It's painful but we believe it is the right thing to do.

As we receive news and answers we will update here.

 At this stage we wait, stay home and stay safe.

We pray you do the same as our country needs every one of us to save the lives of those next to us.

We wish you well...

The Acres Family @
Acres Pet Products

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